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Pre-Purchase Inspections

Purchasing a commercial vehicle is a big financial decision for your business which is why you should always have a pre-purchase inspection done before buying. By having a certified professional inspect the vehicle you have the reassurance of knowing that you are purchasing a truck in pristine condition that will last you for years. For added convenience, our mobile fleet services will come to your location to provide a pre-purchase inspection. During our inspection, we will look at the performance in mechanics along with visuals and provide you with a full detailed report.




Our Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist

  • Exterior appearance:

    • We will do a full cosmetic inspection so you are fully aware of any imperfections. We will inspect the condition of the body, the paint, any scratches, cracks, or dents, and look for any signs of rust, glass cracks or chips, possible underbody damage, and more.

  • Interior feel and look:

    • Not only should the interior of the vehicle be up to standard, but you also need to feel comfortable in it. We will check all the seats, storage compartments, seat belts, driver controls, stereos, AC/ heater systems, floor mats, CB mount, windows, and any other further interior components.

  • Tire condition:

    • Buying new tires is a costly expense. We will determine the condition of the tires and provide our feedback on if you need new tires immediately or not. We fully inspect each tire based on tread life and tread wear patterns.

  • Electronic performance:

    • Electrical features often get overlooked which is why we spend the extra time to make sure everything is working properly. We look at previous diagnostic codes and the wiring that is crucial to the performance of the truck.

  • Frame quality:

    • A full examination of the frame will be done to identify the model type and if any work or damage has been done to it. The frame is the heart of the vehicle and should be well taken care of. If there is any rust, corrosion, or failing bushings we will include that in our report.

  • Maintenance check:

    • Detecting if proper maintenance has been done on a vehicle is an important step of the pre-purchase inspection. Maintenance has a direct effect on vehicle life and if neglected could lead to problems that will not arise until after you have already made the purchase.

  • Overall performance:

    • After going through our inspection checklist one of the last steps we will take is testing the actual performance of the vehicle by going on a test drive. This process can only be done if the vehicle is registered and insured. The test drive will consist of driving in the city and on the highway to test the speed, brake performance, steering, and acceleration.

Other aspects we will inspect include previous accident or flood damage, motor and transmission inspection, all drive-line components, and any other areas of concern.

Why Choose Us?

As business owners, we understand the high level of importance in a decision like this. We provide convenient pre-sale inspections and do a thorough job. Your business success is important to us and we want to help in any way we can. Our mobile pre-purchase inspections are reputable and will provide you with all the information and confidence you need before purchasing the vehicle.

Contact Mobile Wrench

Give us a call to schedule your pre-sale inspection on a commercial truck. We are available to come on-site or you can bring the vehicle to our location in Denver. We service the Northern Colorado region including Greeley and Fort Collins. To schedule an inspection please call our Denver office at 303-650-5902 or our Northern Colorado office at 970-657-6005.

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