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Brake Inspections

Avoiding costly repairs on your commercial fleet and maintaining your peace of mind begins with regular brake inspections. Our mobile crew will come to your location and perform a visual inspection of your brake system, measure the brake pads and provide service recommendations.

What We Look At

Some aspects that we look at include whether your breaks are self-adjusting or an automatic slack adjuster. We also review the thickness of the brake lining/pads and if they are saturated with oil, grease or brake fluid, whether the drums are worn below manufacturer’s limits, and if the truck is operating with a cracked, broken, or crimped air hose or brake tube. Ensure that your trucks remain on the roads and not in the shop by hiring Mobile wrench today!

Benefits Of Our Mobile Service

  • Reduce downtime of your trucks

  • Reduce costs for your drivers to transport units to/from repair shops

  • Give yourself greater flexibility in scheduling

  • You get the peace of mind knowing your inspections are taken care of by professionals!

Contact Mobile Wrench

We have been conducting commercial fleet services in Colorado for over 20 years. We are based out of Denver, but we also service the Northern Colorado region including Greeley and Fort Collins. Request a service today and we will send a crew of certified technicians to you!

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